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A dissertation is the document learners submit to support their candidature for a professional qualification. It represents research and findings. The complexity of this assignment varies per country, institution, or program. The time needed to study also differs significantly.

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The design of the dissertation relies on the field of the learner. However, it gets split into 4 or 5 chapters.

Below is the design sample

  1. Main idea.
  2. Literature review: Analyze needed sources.
  3. Methodology
  4. An overview of the findings.
  5. Explaining findings and their implications.
  6. The conclusion: It describes the contribution of research.

At times, a dissertation seems like an extended essay. It builds an argument by analyzing sources. Instead of the above design, students plan their sections around various themes of case studies.

Additional dissertation parts are

  • A topic section
  • Abstract
  • Reference list

Writing rules:

Below is what the professional dissertation writing company does in every section of the paper.

  • Topic section
  • This first section contains the assignment title, student’s name, field, school, course, and submission date. At times it may also have your registration number, the name of your supervisor, and the school logo.

  • Acknowledgement
  • This section is not necessary at times. It provides room for learners to thank people that assisted in making their dissertation successful. It may be your tutor, school mates, and relatives.

  • Abstract
  • It is an overview of the assignment, usually between one hundred and fifty to three hundred words. It should get written once one finishes composing the whole paper. It must have these items:

    • A title and a goal of student’s research.
    • The ways used.
    • An overview of the top findings.
    • Conclusions

    It is crucial to get this section right because it is the part that gets read most.

  • Table of contents
  • All sections of any assignment must get included here. They are the chapters, subheaders, and section numbers. The part provides people a summary of the paper design and makes it easier to read through.

  • Tables and figures
  • If the school paper contains many figures or tables, ensure to put them here and number them.

  • Abbreviations
  • If there are many abbreviations in your work, write them in an alphabetical list. Doing that will make it easier for readers to look them up.

  • Glossary
  • If your assignment has many specialized terms unfamiliar to other people, it is better to include a glossary. Students have to list their words alphabetically and define them.

  • Introduction
  • The section requires you to set up your topic, aim, and relevance. Ensure to inform the reader what he/she should expect in your document. The custom dissertation writing service will ensure the introduction does the following:

    • Establish the subject, providing background details to contextualize the student’s assignment.
    • Breakdown the focus and explain the paper’s aim.
    • Describe the current findings, indicate the relevance of your paper to a broader debate.
    • Mention the goal and research question and demonstrate how you can answer them.
    • Give an overview of your writing.

    The part must be engaging and related to the findings. It must make your readers know what, why, and how of the assignment.

  • Literature review
  • The section gets conducted before the research. It helps in learning the academic work on the topic. Below is what it entails:

    • Gathering sources like journals and books and picking the best ones.
    • Checking every source.
    • Establish the connection between the sources to find the general point.
  • Methodology
  • The section talks about how you did your research. Below are the things you can include:

    • Your general approach and the kind of research performed. It can be experimental, qualitative, or quantitative.
    • The ways of gathering data. It can through surveys or interviews.
    • Talk about where, when, and with whom to research happened.
    • Analysis methods.
    • Materials and tools used.
    • Talk about the challenges you encountered when doing the research.
    • An evaluation of your methods.

    The methodology should report your activities and convince the reader that your approach was the right one.

  • Findings
  • The section contains the outcome of your research. It can get structured around sub-questions, hypotheses, or topics, including charts, graphs, tables, and other applicable features.

  • Discussion
  • Here the students talk about their findings’ meaning and implications of their research questions. The results must get interpreted in detail. Explain whether they met your expectations and how they fit in the framework you designed for the previous proposal sections.

    If you got unexpected outcomes, explain why that happened. Your explanation must also reference other scholarly work to demonstrate how your findings fit with the current knowledge.

  • Conclusion
  • The section must answer your research question. Your reader must get a clear understanding of your main argument. Conclude your paper with the last reflection on what you did and how you did it. The sections can also contain recommendations for practice or research.

    The professionals offering dissertation writing help will demonstrate to readers how the results add to knowledge in the field studied and your research’s importance.

  • Reference list
  • The section contains the details of your sources. It is crucial to adhere to a uniform referencing style. The standard formats include APA and Harvard.

  • Appendices
  • The dissertation should only have crucial details that contribute to answering the research question. Anything you used and did not fit in any of the above sections should appear in the appendices. They include things like survey questions, tables with figures, and more.

    The customer service and how to use the writing website

    The best dissertation writing service is straightforward. Below are what customers need to do.

  • Load the site and request for a paper.
  • On the website, there is an order form that students must fill out. The information needed includes the format, length, number of words, tone, and deadline. The list does not end there. You can specify any other details that can get used in delivering the kind of paper you need.

  • Payment
  • After you specify what needs to get done for your dissertation, you need to pay for the cheap dissertation writing service. There are various supported currencies, and the payment methods are secure.

  • Finding the right writer
  • Your order request will get analyzed, and the author whose qualifications make him/her qualified to handle it gets determined.

  • Research
  • The writer will perform research on the specified topics and identify credible sources. From there, he will start working on your dissertation, and you can keep on checking the progress and ensure everything gets done the right way.

  • Revision
  • When the paper gets completed, what follows next is checking for errors. Plagiarism will also get checked to ensure you receive a unique product that will bring you satisfactory school marks.

  • Get your paper
  • The online dissertation writing service will deliver your paper before your deadline. You should download and review it. If you find any mistakes, feel free to request amendments. You can only release your money once you are delighted with the work.

    Customer support

    If you encounter any challenges while using the online writing service, there is someone to help you out. The customer support agents are available day and night to attend to students that need assistance.

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    Writing website features

    Below are the benefits you will enjoy when you choose the best dissertation site.

  • Confidentiality
  • You do not need to worry about your details getting shared with strangers when you provide them on the website. Both professional writers and students can use the service, knowing that their information is safe.

  • Speed
  • The writers you will meet here are qualified and understand the importance of meeting deadlines. There is no day you will get a paper later than the time you specify when ordering. The writing, including doing corrections, will happen before the due date.

  • Customer care
  • From the time you come to the website to the time you leave, you can contact the customer support team if you need any assistance. There are experienced and friendly support representatives working around the clock. They will ensure to answer your questions or solve any issues you might encounter while using the writing service. The ways to contact them are available on the site.

    FAQ section

    Is ordering a dissertation at online-essay-help.net the same as cheating?

    No. There are no rules broken when you hire experienced writers at a cheap dissertation writing company to complete your paper. The only instance where using online writing services can get regarded as cheating is when you order a model answer. If you submit it in school as your own, then that will be cheating. So, ensure to use the service for your order correctly.

    Is dissertation writing hard? 

    The dissertation is among the most challenging school assignments. The commitment you need to complete it is high. It will help if you are hardworking because that can make you not give up. If you have challenges researching or spending many hours writing, consider hiring the best writers from the leading dissertation company.

    Which is the most challenging part of writing a dissertation?

    The literature review is the most complicated section when writing a dissertation. Worse still is that it is the most crucial part of the assignment. It entails gathering writing sources such as books and journals. You must analyze each source and later find how they are connected and develop a general point.

    Which is the best online dissertation writing website? 

    The best dissertation writing service is one that has enough experience and takes safety seriously. The writers must be qualified to handle such an assignment, and deadlines must get met. Ensure to confirm whether there is a customer support service before placing your order. Consider reading online reviews to see what other students say about a writing service before hiring their writers.