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Money Back Warranty

As our number one priority is customer satisfaction, we provide only the best quality papers written by professional experts that hold master's and Ph.D. degrees in different academic disciplines. Therefore, a refund request for us is a sort of extreme notice that means you, as our customer, are not satisfied with our service quality, and our support team could not offer you a proper solution to solve your issue. In such a case, we go through every single line in the instructions and double-check the final version of the delivered papers to understand why you are not happy with the quality and what we can improve to guarantee your satisfaction with your next order.

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Here on this page, you can find a simple set of rules that we follow to process any refund request we receive from our customers. Those rules are mainly designed to make the process easier for you as a service user and for us as a provider.

Before we start with the rules and the rights, it is important to mention that any refund case can be avoided by providing accurate instruction and communicating more often with the assigned writer to avoid any misunderstanding that may result in a low-quality paper. And as a customer, you can reach our support team 24/7 via live chat or phone at any stage to monitor the progress.

Customers can receive a full refund in the following cases:

  1. If the payment for any reason was sent more than 1 time for the same order (including a bank statement showing the additional charges can definitely make the process faster)
  2. If the order was placed more than one time and all of them are paid.
  3. In case we could not find a writer for your order (no writer assigned)
  4. If you cancel your order before we assign a writer to work on it (Once a writer is assigned, you receive a notification)

While some other cases besides those 4 common situations require more in-depth investigation by our Dispute Management Team, within 24 hours of your refund request (on working days), one of our dispute managers will get in touch with you to solve the case.

Here are some of the cases that fall under the category "investigation required":

  1. If the customer accepted the resulted paper at least once ( if multiple revisions were carried out), we could only approve a partial refund for up to 50% of the order value.

It is important to note. That our writers always send the preview version of the resulted papers in. Pdf format. But once you as a customer click on "accept the order," the ownership of the papers moves to you. This means that you accept the final version and also that we have delivered according to the initial requirements.

  1. In case the refund request was because the teacher or professor disapproved of the papers we delivered. We would need clear feedback with all the disapproved parts highlighted to complete the investigation and approve a refund request.

How can I do that? According to the student code of rights and responsibilities, Students have the right to request an explanation on what exactly was not done correctly from their professors or teachers. You can find this information right next to the evaluation of skills scale.

  1. If the writer failed to deliver the papers right on time, it is our responsibility to pay the change in delivery time. The paid amount is estimated by the result of the investigation our dispute management team carried out. The estimation is based on the initial price the customer paid for a specific deadline.

Please keep in mind: Those cases where we fail to deliver the papers right on time are rare in our company, especially with such responsible writers like ours. Usually, when such cases occur, they appear as a result of poor communication between the assigned writer/ support members and the customer (Because in some cases, the instructions provided by the customer were not clear and we could not reach the customer to clarify the information neither via phone nor messages)

As a service provider, we reserve the right to consider the amount of time we waited for the customer to reply to our messages in the time delivery difference compensation investigation. When the order is urgent (24 hours or less), we can count the exact amount of time we have waited for the customer to reply in minutes.

  1. Any refund request related to urgent orders (24 hours or less) category is to be investigated by our dispute management team.

During the investigation, the non-responsiveness on the customer’s end and the rush factor are considered as two main factors that can affect the quality of the final version of the ordered papers.

  1. In case the refund request is under the plagiarism category, a Turnitin report is required from the customer to start the investigation. Please keep in mind that the references section can be considered as plagiarism while, in fact, it is not (the writers usually add the references they used to write the papers for the customer to be able to check the information sources)

Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work and presenting it as your own work and ideas without the real owner’s permission. This act is considered fraud in the academic sphere.

  1. If the refund reason is low grade or not the mark I expected, we cannot approve a full refund. Please mind that we never claimed to guarantee a specific grade. We only guarantee a high-quality paper that is written by a professional writer who is following the provided instructions. When it comes to grades, there are many factors that are beyond our control that have a stronger impact on the final score. Anyways, in case you received negative feedback from your teacher or professor regarding the papers we wrote. You can easily upload the papers with the professor’s comments to the file section in your profile and inform the support team that you need a revision.
  2. Each customer gets a Grace period for 14 days after the papers are accepted and approved to check the final results and make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled. If we have not received any response about the missing requirements (in case there were any) from the customer within 5 days, we consider the case closed permanently.

Please note: This approach applies only when your 14-day Grace period has already expired. Here is an example:

  1. If you are on the 9th day of Grace period already
  2. You as a customer request a refund.
  3. If our support team does not receive any reply from the customer within 5 days. (which in total will be 15 days from the delivery date).
  4. The investigation is permanently closed.

You can easily avoid such cases by following up with the dispute management team. We send notifications to both your account on our website and your email within 24 hours on a weekday.

  1. Cancellation of the order after the writer has been assigned.

If for any reason, the client wants to cancel the order after we have assigned the task to a writer, we reserve the right to partially refund the client. The refunded sum is estimated by the amount of work complete before the cancellation request. All the calculations are done by our dispute management team, while taking into consideration all the work done by the writer. For example:

If we have an order with 5 days deadline and an estimated price of $100, and the customer decided to cancel the order on the 3rd day while the order was still in progress. After the investigation is complete and our dispute management team finds out that the writer had already completed 50% of the work. In this case, we can only refund 50% of the total value, which is $50, and give the customer a granted access to the written parts of the paper.

  1. Once the refund request is approved by the dispute management team, it is to be issued within 5 working days. The refunded funds should reach the customer account with 3-5 working days, depending on the banks and the payment method the customer chooses to pay.


Before the expiration of the initial deadline the customer set from the very beginning, We, as the service provider, reserve the right to carry out one revision (at least).

  1. We strive to provide our customers with the best service and the highest quality papers. As we care about our customer satisfaction, we make sure to deliver the papers right on time or even before the deadline. Therefore, if we could deliver the papers earlier than the initial deadline, we suggest that we can revise the delivered papers considering the comments you left on which instructions have not been followed and deliver the edited version before the expiration of the initial deadline.

Please note: If the required revision comes with new instructions, there is an additional fee implied in all cases. The sum of the additional fee is estimated by our team and reported by the support. Besides that, if the refund request comes with comments on instructions that were not provided initially with the order, we reserve the right to decline such a request.

  1. If the customer decides to change the deadline at any step of the process, there is an additional fee implied in all cases. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to change the deadline in any urgent orders with a tight deadline (24 hours or less).

Please keep in mind: During the investigation, the factor of changing the deadline is taken into consideration. Any shortening in the deadline affects the process of writing, which may result in a lower quality. Thus, the approved amount for refund may be lower than the cases with no changes in the deadline.

Our customers are our main priority, and we care about their satisfaction with the quality of the service we provide. Therefore, you can be sure that we will do everything possible to make the process quick and easy. All that we need to know is why you are requesting a refund. Such information can help us improve our quality to ensure your satisfaction.